GuardaLey Ltd. and American Films, Inc. Announce Joint Venture Agreement Covering USA Territory for Film Industry Copyright Infringement and Anti-Piracy Services

GuardaLey Ltd., the leading data investigation company combating online
piracy on peer to peer file sharing networks, has selected American
Films, Inc. (Pink Sheets: AMFL) to take over the USA operations through
its Joint Venture formed at the beginning of February. American Films,
Inc. will own 100% of this joint venture company.

“This is a significant opportunity for American Films, Inc. given our
team’s knowledge in the data and film industry, we bring great synergies
previously unavailable to this territory and industry,” said American
Films CEO John Carty.

GuardaLey will provide American Films, Inc. its extensive collections of
data and infrastructure. The Joint Venture will work with (all new) a
strong setup of prestigious law firms across the nation to ensure that
its clients will provide education to copyright infringers and assist
rights holders with the management of their online content.

“The partnership with American Films will combine the resources of
GuardaLey and American Films, to monitor peer-to-peer file sharing
networks, search for illegally downloaded digital media files and
provide the resources to enforce against repeat offenders,” said Joint
Venture manager Tom Murphy.

GuardaLey´s extensive data and research tools will also be utilized in
pioneering products for the marketing and research of the entertainment
industry, but also to strengthen American Films current data pool.

About American Films, Inc.:

American Films Inc. is an emergent entertainment industry company
focused on opportunities for equity investors. In an industry
environment that is historically unfavorable to equity participation,
American Films seeks to create alternative investment participation
vehicles that provide necessary funding to appropriate projects while
offering reasonable return on investment and mitigation of the
significant business risks traditionally encountered. American Films
identifies media products and talent receptive to alternative funding
and fair treatment of equity investors, provides vehicles towards
accomplishing mutual goals, and provides target-focused leadership
incorporating an audit emphasis at all stages of project completion
including financing, development, production, distribution, and royalty

About GuardaLey Ltd.:

GuardaLey, who in the past delivered data for the biggest BitTorrent
lawsuits in US history (The Hurt Locker, The Expendables), just had its
10th anniversary in 2008. With its data centers in Germany
they are able to scale up their capability to facilitate the expected
content increase through the joint venture. Varios experts and courts
have agreed that the data provided by GuardaLey is sufficient to allow
Internet Providers to disclose personal data to movie studios.

Content providers benefit from GuardaLey´s ability to provide data and
technology to law firms all over the world. Self-funded and fully
financed GuardaLey seeks to “take it to the next level” with the Joint

American Films, Inc.
Tom Murphy, 508-579-4716