SOlving immediate identity verification needs globally

Facterra Global is a solution that uses its proprietary software to create an index of identity information. Facterra Global services two primary markets:

  • Global technology companies
  • Government entities

Global Technology Companies

Relying on user-inputted data heightens instances of fraud. Facterra protects technology companies from fraud by offering a real-time index of identity information, mitigating potential losses and building digital trust with their customers.

Government Entities

Despite regulatory mandates and data protection laws, governments are still plagued by fraudulent activity, harming their ability to participate in global commerce. Facterra protects government entities by offering real-time data verification that can detect fraud at its onset.

GLOBAL Footprint.

Local Results.

Global Footprint. Local Results.

Facterra analyzes and enriches data to identify and mitigate fraud for its customers. Curating data from locally installed, unique sources, Facterra provides specific and relevant data for each of its technology and government customers.