Providing lifecycle support to producers of creative content

American Films addresses two pressing needs for the entertainment industry:

  • Protecting copyrighted material from infringement
  • Providing steady financing to independent film producers

Intellectual Property and Copyright Litigation

American Films uses its proprietary technology and processes to protect copyright holders from piracy. The company gathers digital data evidence and real-time notices and provides an experienced legal team to defend copyright holders in anti-piracy lawsuits.

Film Production and Financing

With an extensive network of film producers and distributors in Los Angeles and New York, American Films also engages with independent filmmakers to acquire and develop films. The company currently has nearly 30 film scripts in various stages of development.

Digitization – The Future of Entertainment

Digitization – The Future of Entertainment

American Films has fully embraced digitized assets as part of its business strategy, extending its asset digitization strategy to include NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Minting NFTs benefits creative copyright holders in several ways, including increasing fan engagement and providing an additional revenue stream.

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